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Sunday Morning Service 12-9-2018

 Duane Mayberry


"Lover of God - A Call to Respond"

Act 3:19


        Author: Luke

            Date: 60-62 A.D.

      Purpose: Record the continuing work of Jesus through

                       the leading and activity of the Holy Spirit

    Recipient: Theophilus - "Lover of God"

        I. Repent.


       II. Be Converted.

             A. So that your sins are blotted out.

             B. So that times of refreshing may come

                 from the presence of the Lord.


        Isaiah 6:1-8

             - See God.

             - Be humble in His presence. (2)

             - Worship God. (3-4)

             - See yourself for who you really are. (5)

             - Be cleansesd.

             - Obey and serve. (8)



            1. Repent.


            2. Be converted.




  What is your take away for the message this morning?

"Lover of God - A Call to Respond"
Dec 09, 2018