-- Deacon of the Week - John Heiligman - 830.570-0458 -- Mission Fest Celebration - Sunday, November 22 - Missionaries past and present will speak during AM Worship Service --

Sunday Morning Service 11-22-2020

Mission Fest Celebration

"Mission Fest Celbration"


                                  I. Bobby Higginbotham - The Pathway - Tacoma


                                 II. Doug and Martha Beck - Lavanta Ministries - D.R.


                                III. Larry Mayberry - Queens Church - NYC


                                IV. Josh and Alyssa Bridges - Miracle Mountain Ranch


                                 V. Ashlee Heiligman - Global Child Advocates (Thailand)


                                VI. Brian Andolph - International Mission Board (Brazil)






  What is your take away for the message this morning?

Audio recording of sevice:

Count Your Blessings! III
Nov 15, 2020

Count Your Blessings! II
Nov 08, 2020