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Sunday Morning Service 1-17-2021

Pastor Duane Mayberry

"Hope and Rest - A Study of Ruth"

"Revived - II"

Ruth 1:15-22




                  I. Commitment. (15-18)

                      A. To follow. (15-16)

                      B. To live. (16)

                      C. To family.

                      D. To God. Your God, my God.

                      E. To death. (17)

                      F. Accountable to the Lord.

                        G. Determined. (18)


                 II. In Bethlehem. (19-22)

                      A. Reception. (19)

                      B. Humility. (20-21)

                      C. Hope. (22)




  What is your take away for the message this morning?

Audio recording of sevice:

"A Study of Ruth - Revived - Part II"
Jan 17, 2021

Hope of Rest - A Story of Ruth - Rest Required"
Jan 03, 2021